Eo Spaces, a comprehensive service for participation in trade fairs designed based on business objectives and budgets that mark our customers.

Positioning and visibility at very competitive prices.


Our company organizing the 20th anniversary KNAUF in Guixers

EO handled all the comprehensive organization of the event...

  • FIRA DE LA FIGA (FAIR FIG): THE SEPTEMBER 17 AND 18 IS THE DATE Alguaire!"The team we love EO local regeneration projects, analyzing the area and high...

  • GROWING!!!!!!  Creating projects from scratch based on the objectives of our clients to the global production.Our results support, as always the...

  • WE MADE HISTORY! Memorial Democratic COMEBE (Memorial Partnership Spaces of the Battle of the Ebro) and the Department of Interior of the General...

  • DOUBLE L:FROM LLEIDA 2 YOUWHAT IS IT? We are a group of complementary partners of the world organization. We specialize in strategy, promotion an...

  • TURNING POINT IN THE AGP (ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL SPORT MANAGER)AGP marks one year, and the celebration will mark a turning point in its growth an...

Welcome to EO!

We are an Event Boutique:

In EO, boost sales and retain customers through innovative approaches and solutions as integrating the concepts of organization, strategy, visual communication and design of spaces that will translate into direct action in which our clients are the protagonists.

"Each customer is unique, each solution is different"
Iolanda Alarcón



Events Organizations was established in 2004 under the self, moving in 2007 to become one-person limited company, and the inclusion of the investment group today happens to be SL being the creator and manager, Gemma Bernaus, manager and majority partner.

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Gemma Bernaus Bernaus - Organizació, gestió i realizació d'events corporatius - LleidaNota Legal

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