Our company organizing the 20th anniversary KNAUF in Guixers.

EO handled all the comprehensive organization of the event following the guidelines of the general direction of the factory and its policies integrating CSR (corporate social responsibility).

 Memorable day for the big family Knauf. The organization employ coaching strategies and team building. The decor was also a surprise element as the event took place in the same factory, on a night grew a garden, integrating all the elements that occurred in knauf Guixers within the interior design project and commemorative trophies, who designed for the occasion Mikel Gascon.

 It created a spectacle in line acrobatic performance and have the great Pep Plaza, which was made our orders, and drove the marked program rundown, a special Knauf News, where since the mobile TV broadcasts news day, to the astonishment of the audience.

 A great event, thanks Knauf

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