lant in full growth period of crisis is not easy but Organisations Events has extensive experience, proven technical reliability and a very balanced team, a group of young professional of which I feel very proud.

EVENTS ORGANIZATIONS is now mentioned in the Economy of major newspapers in the province of Lleida.

We have been included in the program "ACC10-Investment Readiness" which has launched the finance department of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The objectives of this program: Preparing technology companies and / or innovative with high growth potential through training and coaching advice, access to permanent capital financing, primarily debt and equity, necessary to achieve a new stage of growth.

A selection process has been thorough and accurate and that only 70 companies with an age not exceeding 5 years since its creation based in Catalonia could be included.

This is not an easy road, but exciting path we are making a step by step, day by day and project to project.

The whole team EO we are very pleased by this news and you want to share. THANK YOU ALL, FAMILY, PARTNERS, FRIENDS, AND PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE CLIENTS!

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