WHAT IS IT? We are a group of complementary partners of the world organization. We specialize in strategy, promotion and direct actions Entrepreneurs with Professional and technical solvency ,.... and passion in our work Our companies have a model of horizontal management, stable team, social policies, equipment and great people with great professional
DOUBLE L: WHY? Our service is integral Face 2 Face Talent, professionalism and involvement in each of our projects. Lleida, our city, makes us more competitive, our cost structure is less and communications allow us to be two hours of the major European economic centers.
All of our group companies invest annually in training, continuous investment that allows us to be the last practice and CSR * in our businesses and our projects. * Corporate Social Responsibility
Each company is a team, each team is a service, the service department which in itself has its own life, and that integrates with the rest of perfect and harmonious manner, and each department is headed by an entrepreneur * * Entrepreneur: a professional who has chosen to make his passion, a way of life ... A committed professional, and done ... happy!

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